‘Standard of A Good Pupil' is a series of short videos based on the director’s own life experiences. Coming of age in Hong Kong, she finds herself questioning who she is in a city that is itself, grappling with its identity. Expected to be an obedient girl in the traditional Chinese patriarchy, yet a successful career woman in it’s capitalist modernity, she struggles to come to terms with the impossible expectations placed in front of her. Almost completely lost in her own uncertainty, she soon finds that many around her are suffering similar questions.The story transcends the individual into a communal narrative, a collection of people and emotional vignettes that together form the voice of  China’s youth culture.


In a city of unlimited desires, a struggle for self-identity is waged. Navigating vices and societal pressures, euphoric highs and deep lows are traversed in attempt find a sense of belonging. With no guidance in the fast changing world, we look back into history and discover new meaning in old Confucius teachings. Recontextualized with a feminist twist, a symbolic path to self-fulfillment is created in which the Chinese youth use these teaching as guide on the their quest for love, freedom, and empowerment by discovering the value of individuality.


This series will have 11 chapter, it is still on production.

Produced & Directed & Written & Styled by @zhangbing__ 

Cinematographer : Safwan petwov li kontan

Editors @rosepophalf @wifiovermybody @vandal_k