Dynasti is an edgy blend of East Asia culture and casual luxury that creates wearable designs. It embraces different generations and encourages individuality through its vision. Each garment is tailored to flatter the silhouette, look assertive and fresh. Thoughtful fabric selection and the addition of intricate details on each garment combine to create a rich and sophisticated look.

Dynasti encourages the individual to step from out of the shadows into a brand-new light. It is for those who desire the most from life; for the discerning client who isn’t afraid to express him or herself.

Dynasti is not just a fashion label but a creative platform for collaborative projects. It believes in and encourages a culture of unification, through empathy, knowledge, and aspiration. Dynasti will continue in its efforts to remain a beacon of positivity setting new and promising challenges for itself and the world of contemporary fashion.


Ice Cheung (Ice) was born in China. She left China and moved to Hong Kong at age eleven. She studied Fashion Styling at the Hong Kong Design Institute and soon after created her own fashion brand Dynasti with outlets throughout the world. Travelling in Europe she settled in London to establish her brand. In this great metropolis which encourages diversity creative platforms will continue to be explored. A major film project Standard of a Good Pupil begun in 2017 is now close to completion. The film is a morality tale and ambitious in scale. It involves a large cast of actors and non-actors and showcases youth fashion and beauty in dramatic and narrative sequences. While it shines a spotlight on the surface glam and glitter of fashion and beauty (in the present day), it also penetrates at the heart of traditional Eastern culture and looks with both empathy and a critical eye to modern day society in general. Dynasti encapsulates the creative drive of the CEO which draws on her many interests and worldwide experiences. As CEO, Ice has gathered around her a team of loyal, enthusiastic, and creative individuals. She and her team are working towards promoting and establishing Dynasti as a brand you can trust, believe in, have fun with and love - a brand with an edge.  


ZOE LAM - Chief of Operations

As an Executive Business Partner for more than 7 years, Zoe Lam is a creative problem solver and passionate about bringing new and innovative ideas to her working procedures. Experienced in financial management she brings, as Chief of Operations to Dynasti, a stable, considered, and planned future in the operations and financial sector of the company. Intrigued over many years by the workings and behind the scenes nature of the fashion industry Zoe’s contact with Ice brought that world into sharp and focused reality. She connected with the CEO of Dynasty and now stands with Ice to establish an exciting and respected brand in the world of fashion, creative management and thinking.


TYBER H - Chief Design Officer

As the Chief Design Officer, TyberH is the creator for most designs and the leader of creativity in Dynasti. Her unique approach and creativity brings new colours and vision to Dynasti. Her goal is to create a distinctive fashion brand for nails, clothing and accessories.
Prior to joining Dynasti, TyberH’s formative and academic years were spent living between the UK and Hong Kong and absorbing their cultures. This experience has enabled her to take the best from each culture and combine a fresh look, creating a fusion of fun designs that appropriate Western and Eastern styles. Graduated at Bournemouth Art University, she became an active interior designer and professional nail artist, winning awards in interior design with exceptional art ideas in nails.

Art has always been part of TyberH’s life when first she developed her passion and love for art from that moment she picked up colouring crayons as a child and drew her first playful lines.

Joining Dynasti, she walks side by side with Ice and Zoe, determined to create a brand that will catch the world’s eyes.