‘Standard of A Good Pupil' is a series of short videos based on the director’s own life experiences. Coming of age in Hong Kong, she finds herself questioning who she is in a city that is itself, grappling with its identity. Expected to be an obedient girl in the traditional Chinese patriarchy, yet a successful career woman in it’s capitalist modernity, she struggles to come to terms with the impossible expectations placed in front of her. Almost completely lost in her own uncertainty, she soon finds that many around her are suffering similar questions.The story transcends the individual into a communal narrative, a collection of people and emotional vignettes that together form the voice of  China’s youth culture.


In a city of unlimited desires, a struggle for self-identity is waged. Navigating vices and societal pressures, euphoric highs and deep lows are traversed in attempt find a sense of belonging. With no guidance in the fast changing world, we look back into history and discover new meaning in old Confucius teachings. Recontextualized with a feminist twist, a symbolic path to self-fulfillment is created in which the Chinese youth use these teaching as guide on the their quest for love, freedom, and empowerment by discovering the value of individuality.


This series will have 11 chapter, it is still on production.

Produced & Directed & Written & Styled by @zhangbing__ 

Cinematographer : Safwan petwov li kontan

Editors @rosepophalf @wifiovermybody @vandal_k


Macau's most influential magazine MACAU CLOSER X Dynasti

Macau's most influential magazine MACAU CLOSER X Dynasti
We are so honored to be featured on Macau's most influential magazine MACAU CLOSER to share the story about Dynasti and their Designers. Big Thanks to the Editor-in-chief Helder Beja...

Dynasti on ¿WHO ARE INVITED?

Dynasti on ¿WHO ARE INVITED?
今次 Dynasti 有幸受邀接受香港時尚網站平台 WHO ARE INVITED 訪問。 ¿WHO ARE INVITED?"時尚網站平台who ARE invited,邀請不同界別甚至是網站讀者一起擔任模特兒,示範最新裝束的同時,亦帶來一種獨特體驗。平台幕後主理人、本地資深時裝人Ning Lau形容,who ARE invited就如一個網上Party,讓很多人同時參與互動,帶出不一樣的Fashion新體驗。" -截文昔日東方 Are Invited網頁: 觀看原文訪問內容請點以下: -圖截由 Who Are Invited   DYNASTI  | 誕生於 2014 年,由兩位本地年輕時裝設計師所創立。其設計靈感源自中國傳統文化的結構輪廓與現代的簡約奢華作出的前衛交融,為時裝界帶來了獨特細膩的諂媚時尚。 1. 當初為何會以中國文化這元素為品牌的主要設計方向?中國這地方對你們來說有什麼特別的意義嗎?...