Kuji Kiri Belt



Kuji Kiri

The inspiration behind the Kuji Kiri Collection stems from an ancient Taoist spell, a mystical chant that has been inscribed in gold script onto stripes, straps, and collars. The characters speak of a ritual process that encourages the development of the mind, body, and spirit. The message enhances all systems of the human body and empowers individuals holistically. The Kuji Kiri Collection nourishes your soul and helps you become a better person.

  • Women's Kuji Kiri belt with gold hardware buckle at the front.
  • Strap is adjustable.
  • Fit for waists from estimate 23" to 25".
  • Perfect for crop tops or over tight dresses.
  • Best to use to accentuate your curves or add as accents to outfits.
  • Color ways:
    Gold - Gold with black fonts
    Black - Black with gold fonts
  • Adjustable

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