Super Youtuber Duo - Michelle Phan & Karen O

Posted on May 10 2016

Super Youtuber Duo - Michelle Phan & Karen O
We are very honoured and thankful for the big shouout earlier this month from the famous pretty duo from Youtube, Michelle Phan & Karen O. Both Michelle & Karen are  lovely Youtube personalities who frequently share their makeup & fashion tips with the world and sometimes even other useful stuffs for our daily lives.
Michelle & Karen wear several chokers from Dynasti in some of their videos & on other social medias of theirs. They also wear their hair in a sophisticated Chinese style to match their oriental looks.
Below are both of their channels with 8M & 1M followers currently.
And here is the video in which Michelle explains her love towards our Golden Chimes Choker & shows how she styles our choker.
And let's see how these girls rock their Dynasti pieces!

Michelle in her 'Golden Chimes Choker' with a Nastygal garment & Karen in her 'Spoiled Princess Choker' with a Young Hungry Free halter.
These girls love their matching Dynasti chokers.

Michelle shows off her womanly side with a Forever 21 top with Karen.
Michelle is a talented woman & she is currently publishing her own comics.

Michelle wears our choker for her Twitter page profile.
Michelle's Twitter Page:
Michelle made an instagram post on how much she loves her Dynasti choker & her new dress.
Karen pulls a more fun & girly look.
Karen adds in some attitude with her Style Nanda heels & a messy bun.

Karen completes her "babygirl" look with our choker with her Wildfox romper.
This photo of Karen in 'Spoiled Princess Choker' is widely spread online.
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