Gloden Globes Winner Doughboy X Dynasti

Posted on June 26 2016

Gloden Globes Winner Doughboy X Dynasti

Worked for the likes of MC Jin, Sammi Cheng, Justin Lo & fellow singers, Doughboy is the youngest Hong Kong Golden Globes winner in history in Hong Kong and one of the most important names in the Asia music industry. He is a singer, songwriter & rapper who is currently doing his own music.

Doughboy has a liking for hip-hip fashion style and traditional Chinese culture. Lots of Chinese inspired looks could be find in both of his latest music videos.

Doughboy's youtube channel:

Doughboy's first music video with Dynasti:

Doughboy loves his Kuji Kiri shirt in black

He is super stylish with his braids.

Model Natasha looks regal in the Dragon Deluxe Collar in Champagne

Natasha rocks another choker of ours alongside stylist of the video Ruby Gloom.

The Kuji Kiri Totem Choker has a leather finishing with metal details.

Thanks for the credit from the end of the video. It was such a nice production.


Doughboy's second music video - No Time with us:

Alternative pin-up model Natasha is rocking our Collar Forbidden Sex

The collar looks perfect with the whole white look.


Get the looks

Doughboy's shirt:
Natasha's chokers:

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