Hong Kong Bad Girls

Posted on May 10 2017

Hong Kong Bad Girls

 Alternative young girls street styles wearing Dynasti in Hong Kong.  


Offspring of the Dragon Collection

The Dragon Myth

The Chinese Dragon symbolizes potency, prosperity, and power. It is also an emblem of strength, courage, and luck that empowers people to stand tall, both physically and spiritually. The Dragon represents the Chinese nation and is an inseparable part of its people. The Chinese are proud to call themselves the "offspring of the Dragon.”

The Dragon and the Pearl of Wisdom 

In the mouth of the Dragon lies the “pearl of perfection.” This precious pearl grants all desires and represents imperial wisdom within the hierarchy of power, wisdom, and protection.


Art Direction  & Styling : Zhang Bing 

Vediographer & Edit : Safwan Petwov Li Kontan

Photographer : Wang Kit

Model : Natasha Noir, Jade Cheung, Natasha Vera

Makeup : MM Tseng

Hair : Koleman Chan 



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