Pharrell William approves; Maxine Ashley performs in Dynasti

Posted on June 26 2016

Pharrell William approves; Maxine Ashley performs in Dynasti

Being a Pharrell Williams favourite and having experiences of working with Alicia Keys and Keyshia Cole, Maxine Ashley is definitely one of the must watch rising stars. With her Youtube channel already hitting 9 million views and more,  Maxine has currently debuted her latest single “Lobster".

In Lobster, Maxine effortlessly put together a Dynasti outfit consisting a Kuji Kiri Choker & a Kuji Kiri Halter Top in white. It matches her moody & downtempo music perfectly.

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Maxine loves Dynasti

On a side note, Maxine is a big fan of Dynasti and she wore many of our items in different occasions.

Maxine's talent is being recognized by one of the biggest names - Pharrell Williams.

Maxine looks even more exotic in her Kuji Kiri choker.

Her attitude is seriously everything for this look.

Maxine wearing the Forbidden Sex Collar with a Chinese inspired shirt.

Maxine in our collar channeling her inner lady killer.

How cute is her with our Forbidden Sex Choker <3


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